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Balm Of Gilead Farm

balm of gilead

Biblical Agriculture Revived

Bring History Home

At the Balm Of Gilead Farm, we grow rare biblical plants and produce a wide range of products from them, including essential oils, incense, soaps, and more.

We are the only place in the world that cultivates some of these plants, including the recently revived Balm Of Gilead, grown on the northern banks of the Dead Sea for the first time since Biblical times.

We invite you to take a look at some of our unique, pure and exclusive products, which can be found nowhere else in the world.


You now have an opportunity to bring home what was once used in Biblical times as an expensive perfume, an oil to anoint kings, a medication to heal the sick, and burned as incense in the Temple.


Truly, a gift fit for a king.


about The farm

Biblical Agriculture Revived

1,500 years ago, a wondrous plant that grew along the shores of the Dead Sea, disappeared.


The Prophet Jeremiah speaks of the plant’s healing power. The Prophet Ezekiel admires its  economic value. The Book of Exodus cites this plant as an incense for worship – to be burned in the Holy Temple.


The plant was a gift from The Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. Its orchards were owned by King Herod, looted by Marcus Antonius, and gifted to Cleopatra. Its branches carried by Titus along with the Golden Menorah in the Roman Empire’s triumphant march to Rome after the conquest of Jerusalem.  


Today, this plant – The Balm Of Gilead (Balsamon) -  that had not been seen for 1,500 years – has been reborn – at the Balm Of Gilead Farm in Almog, Israel, on the northern coast of the Dead Sea.

In addition to the Balm of Gilead (Balsamon, Commiphora Gileadensis), the Balm Of Gilead Farm cultivates other biblical plants such as dozens of different species of frankincense and myrrh. One of them is the true frankincense of the Temple (Boswellia sacra), a tree in danger of extinction which has no agricultural cultivation anywhere else in the world except in our farm.

“The Balsamon Tree has not been cultivated commercially in this region for almost 1000 years,” says Guy Erlich, Owner and Expert Cultivator of the Balm Of Gilead Farm. “The ancient plants I am reviving here were once the main economic staple of the Ancient Hebrews of the Jericho Valley - our ancestors.


I have taken it upon myself to make it happen.”

"Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, I will go to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense".

Song Of Songs 4:6

The Temple institute recognizes the balm of gilead farm

Rabbi Israel Ariel, Chairman Of The Temple Institute, Pens Letter Congratulating Our Farm On Its Accomplishments

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