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In ancient times, the Anointing oil was used for the coronation of the Kings and Priests of Israel, as well of for the vessels of the Holy Temple. 


The Anointing Oil was known for its extraordinary qualities and capabilities and was used for spiritual, medical and even mystical purposes. 


Our Second Temple period premium Anointing Oil (Balm of Gilead Anointing oil) contains 100% Pure Balm Of Gilead Essential Oil (5%), Myrrh (2.5%), Frankincense (2.5%) Olive Oil (90%)

Second Temple Anointing Oil

SKU: 0006
  • Our Second Temple period premium Anointing oil (Balm of Gilead Anointing oil) has 100% Balm of Gilead Essential oil. 100% of the original ingredients, 100% authentic ingredients.

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