For the first time on The Balm Of Gilead Farm, we have produced high quality and True Frankincense (Bosweilla sacra) Honey!

The color of honey is particularly bright and it has a unique aroma.

Our farm is located in the Judean Desert, and True Frankincense is the only tree that bloomed on the farm this season. In addition, the date palm finished blossoming THREE MONTHS before we brought the bees. We deduce from this that this first batch is particularly pure True Frankincense Honey.

This honey was extracted exclusively from the part of the hive which was EMPTY when the bees arrived on the farm.

Since there is a great deal of interest in our honey, we will sell it in small quantities so that more people will be able to experience our True Frankincense Honey.

We have produced 165 portions of 30 mL bottles of honey.


Frankincense Honey 30 mL